The Album

The new album is now available on iTunesAmazonSoundcloud, Spotify, and other major platforms.

Despite having a name that is difficult to spell, we chose “Austin Apologue” for the band and first album name since we planned to primarily write songs about topics that are community inspired. Admittedly (and proudly), the music is clearly birthed from someone with an ear for 80s synth-pop. Some would say this was a time of cheesy sound effects and sugary melodies, but we happen to enjoy cheese and sugar. And as with any food, the surface can appear simple but the ingredients can have complexity and interest that becomes apparent with consumption. We made an album that we love, and want to share that with others that may appreciate a similar musical palette. The thousands of hours that went into this project flew by like a kid’s day at an amusement park, and we can’t wait for our return visit.

Production primarily consisted of a Korg Kronos music workstation (running a variety of emulations of our favorite 80s synths, with the MS20 and PolySix on heavy rotation), Audio Technica mics, and an M-Audio M-Track 2X2M input with a TC Helicon effects processor. Mixing was done on an iMac running Logic Pro X, with mastering by LANDR / MixGenius. We also have a couple of extra physical analog synths that added some depth and character to some tracks, and a few other goodies and toys were used along the way. This album is truly a labor of love, crafted over a several year period.

Austin Apologue – Official YouTube Video Playlist