A visual guide to our album tracks.

El Comienzo. Our musical journey begins.  Austin is a melting pot. We are proud Texans, and welcome new ideas, new thinking, and new people. This is the start of a new day.
Gutter Tribe.  The lost boys and girls of Austin live the only way they know how.  Inspired by the 1995 article from the Austin Chronicle “There’s no place like home … that’s why I left” by Spike Gillespie, with amazing photography by Jana Birchum.
Sawyer.  A true Austin tragedy. The police shooting of a bright young father, Sawyer Flache. The police did their job, but that doesn’t make it allright.
Chaotic Erotic.  Love.  Attraction.  Thrills.  Disappointment.  It’s complicated.
I Shall Rise.  Struggle with addiction is no stranger to song, and no stranger to the community of Austin.  This is a story of honesty, determination, support, and redemption.
Save Our Souls.  Devastation of property and life due to hurricanes, tornados, and floods is an unfortunate way of life for Texans. We band together and unite despite differences in race, religion, or politics.
Entr’acte.  Take an instrumental breather.  Reflect on a day in Austin.  Commutes, meetings, work, play, life.
Tempted.  We all have our temptations.  Life is a wonderful struggle.
Name Changed.  Society condemns, and names are changed.  But does changing the sound used to identify a thing change the nature of the thing?
Only a Dream.  Freedom, living life, and rescue. Austin is proud to be a “no kill” city. Austin animals live the dream.
Drill it. What is the legacy we leave for future generations? Profits. Greed. Drill baby drill.
Out of Office.  The life of a politician is one of constant criticism and compromise; party affiliation provides no protection from a 24 hour news cycle and a constant social media barrage.
Ten.  A decade of love for a spouse and a city. Let’s do it again, another ten.
Reflektieren.  We have gone on a journey together.  Pause.  Reflect.  The sun has set, and night is upon us. Where do we go from here?