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I am thrilled to have written and performed the title track for an upcoming feature film. It should be later this year (2023), so stay tuned for more info!

Austin (ô′stən) noun : a city and the capital of Texas.

Apologue (apˈəlôg) noun : a short allegorical story with a moral.

Aside from electro/synth/retro/pop music, Austin Apologue can create custom music for television or film soundtracks, videos, podcasts, or other projects. Always feel to drop me a line to an inquiry or just to say hello at, or just use the contact form via the menu. Thanks for visiting!

Updates & STUFF

1/26/2023: “Only a Dream” Official Video released!

The dance scene in “Fame” (1980) is quite amazing. I realized I never released a video for the track Only a Dream from my original album, so I created a newly mixed and mastered video version set to “Fame” just for fun. The song is about dreaming in a literal and figurative sense; the original concept was from the perspective a rescue dog, but of course it extends to all of us who ultimately are rescue dogs in our own ways 🙂

12/23/2022: “Father Figure Retrowave Remix” (original by George Michael) released!

I am fortunate to be in the group of people that got to see George Michael perform live. To this day, that has been my biggest surprise of “WOW what a performance” at a concert. The guy in my opinion was the most talented all around musician and performer in modern history. My favorite track of his is Father Figure, and I had a blast doing a remix. I upped the beats per minute a bit, and made it more of a dance club retro vibe, which was the original intent of the track (funny enough they had a drum machine programming error, and THAT is why it wound up sounding the way it did). It isn’t for sale and is only on YouTube. Enjoy 🙂

12/11/2022: “Hazard Retrowave Remix” (original by Richard Marx) released!

The first concert I ever attended in the 80s was one by Sir Richard Marx (@richardmarx) . It was an amazing show, and little did I know that 30+ years later I would still be a superfan. This guy still sounds (and let’s be honest – looks!) amazing today. I’m enough of a fan that I did a fan retrowave / dance remix of one of his classic tracks: Hazard. It isn’t for sale and is only on YouTube; truly was just for fun. I enjoyed the heck out of playing with this track, and I hope some of you can enjoy listening as well 🙂

9/29/2022: “Airwolf SuperSynthesized” released!

Airwolf. For a kid in the 1980s, this was “must see” TV. The best part of my week was hearing that incredible synth intro to the show with glorious shots of one of the most beautiful machines ever created, and I stand firmly that it is the most catchy TV theme in history. I hope you enjoy my “SuperSynthesized” cover version of Sylvester Levay’s masterpiece. Rest In Peace Jan-Michael Vincent (Stringfellow Hawke), Ernest Borgnine (Dominic Santini), and Alex Cord (Archangel). This track is just for fun and is not for purchase, but you check it out on YouTube with a fun video that I edited of some of the best action sequences from the show.

9/12/2022: “The Logical Song” (cover of the Supertramp classic) released!

A few months ago I picked up an old vinyl record for $3 called “Breakfast in America” while browsing a junk shop in Long Beach, California. I knew the album had a great reputation, and I loved a couple of the songs, and figured I would give it a listen. And I haven’t stopped since. The whole album is a work of art, and in particular The Logical Song is one of the most outstanding songs of our time from both a lyrical and music composition perspective. I couldn’t stop playing some of the chords on my synth, and I something in me felt compelled to do my own version. I think many (of not most) people can identify with this song, which is a real coming of age journey written in just a few words. As an engineer, a former FBI Agent, and a musician, I have always felt torn between the “logical and practical” world versus the “artistic” world. We live in both, and we all have to find that balance, but it isn’t easy. Check out the YouTube video description for more information on production and discussion of the track.

The track is available on all digital platforms (Apple).

6/14/2022: “Running Up That Hill – Lost Remix” (from Stranger Things, originally by Kate Bush) released!

In 1985, a Siberian expedition searching for woolly mammoth remains in the frozen tundra encountered an extreme snowstorm and found a cave to take shelter. Within that cave, a wall appeared, and took them to a place of nightmarish familiarity. A cassette was found and retrieved, but was archived for decades in a top secret location near Hawkins, Indiana. With the bravery of one courageous soul, a nameless Stranger who faced Danger, this remix of Kate Bush’s classic hit is released to the up-side world (YouTube only, not available for purchase, just a creation for fun to share with the world!).

6/8/2022: “The Dance” (originally by Garth Brooks) cover released!

From my view as a Texan from a tiny town, Garth Brooks was and still is considered to be royalty. From the beginning of his career I was blown away with The Dance, written by Tony Arata. Today I release my version of this all-time classic track. Check out the YouTube video, and it is also available for download on the major digital platforms.

You can listen to it on all major streaming platforms, or find it on Amazon and Apple Music / iTunes.

5/13/2022: Cover of The Midnight’s “Deep Blue” released!

Red Dawn made a huge impression on me when I first saw it in the 1980s. And as crazy as the premise sounded, here we are in 2022 and Ukrainians have experienced many of the scenes straight out of the movie, right down to blowing up Russian tanks and writing “Wolverines” on the sides. There is a message of hope, strength, and resilience that the Ukrainian people have shown, and the video of the song is dedicated to those who are quite literally fighting for the freedom of their county.

You can listen to it on all major streaming platforms, or find it on Amazon and iTunes.

2/10/2022: Original song “Love Foundation” released!

We hope you enjoy our latest original song release. Available on the usual digital platforms. Thanks for listening and we hope everyone is having a great year!

12/27/2021: Adios 2021 – Enjoy Our “USSR” (Eddy Huntington) Cover and Happy New Year – 2022!

We hope you enjoy this cover of the 80s dance classic: USSR (original by Eddy Huntington). Check out the video, and note that the song is available on all of the usual platforms, including:
Apple Music:

12/1/2021 New Merry puggin’ Christmas Video!

Pug Rescue of Austin (PRA) relies on donations to accomplish their mission of saving pugs. ALL proceeds from the sale of this song benefit PRA; you can purchase on all music platforms, including:



Donations can be made directly to Pug Rescue of Austin and are incredibly appreciated:


Dress You Up was released in the glorious summer of 1985 as the final single from Madonna’s Like a Virgin album. I was recently in a Goodwill here in Austin browsing for 80s t-shirts, the song played on the store’s radio, and by eavesdropping I heard 4 of 5 shoppers singing along under their breath. This is clear “proof” the world could use some more 80s pop in our lives, so enjoy it!

Dress You Up is available on all the usual places, including:




2/12/2021: TRUE (BY LAU, AUSTIN APOLOGUE REMIX) RELEASED! One of the best and most brilliant artists out there is LAU, also known as Laura Fares, who has a long list of accolades but just released her first album, Believer. As part of the Deluxe Edition of the album, she included several remixes from some amazing electronic artists, and I am thrilled to have a remix included in the group. The album and song is available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and other platforms. And guess what, you can buy it electronically, in CD format, and even cassette! How retro-cool is that!?! But aside from the remix of True, PLEASE consider snagging the entire Believer Deluxe Edition album; it is truly exceptional, especially if you enjoy the synthwave style genre.

True by LAU (Austin Apologue Remix)

7/1/2020: MCKALLA PLACE RELEASED! This is a theme song dedicated to the Austin FC MLS team. McKalla Place will be one of the premier venues in the United States for viewing soccer, and should provide an incredible home field experience. This song captures the essence of Austin and is a celebration of MLS soccer as the first major professional sports team for Austin. The song features young artists L & M, who are excellent soccer players, including one who is a member of an Austin FC youth team. Available on iTunes and all other streaming platforms.


2/22/2020: NEW SINGLE DON’T CRY TONIGHT RELEASED! We hope you enjoy this cover version of the 1983 Italo-disco classic by Savage (Roberto Zanetti). Available on iTunes and all other streaming platforms.

1/22/2020: NEW SINGLE HALO RELEASED! We hope you enjoy this cover version of the amazing original by Depeche Mode. Available on iTunes and other streaming platforms.

1/11/2020: Happy New Year and Happy New Decade – may the 2020’s be as glorious as the 1980’s! Today is the video premier of TWO cover songs which we love, the first being Halo (Depeche Mode). See the video on YouTube. Enjoy!

1/11/2020: Happy New Year and Happy New Decade – may the 2020’s be as glorious as the 1980’s! Today is the video premier of TWO cover songs which we love, the second being Don’t Cry Tonight (Savage). See the video on YouTube. Enjoy!

The new album is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other major platforms.

4/12/19: We are so excited to launch the “Gutter Tribe” video, filmed in Austin, Texas. This song deals with homeless youth, which is a tragic problem that is not unique to Austin. On Instagram we are releasing 11 days of youth homeless facts, so be sure to check that out. “Gutter Tribe” is from the new album and is available as a single on Amazon and iTunes.

Gutter Tribe – Official Lyric Video

3/29/19: We have released an orchestral version of “I Shall Rise” – we felt this beautiful song deserved a unique instrumental treatment. Give it a listen below; also, the track is available as a single on Amazon and iTunes.

3/29/19: We have released the lyric video for “I Shall Rise” – we hope you enjoy and can get inspiration from this track. The track is from the new album and is available as a single on Amazon and iTunes.

I Shall Rise – Official Lyric Video

be sure to check out all of our latest videos on our YouTube channel. Thanks for tuning in!

3/2/19: Just for fun, we did a cover of the classic track “Disappointed” by Electronic. We hope you enjoy the song and video (set to the classic “House on Haunted Hill”)!

“Disappointed” is available as a single at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms. Or see below for a quick listen on SoundCloud or Youtube.

Disappointed, a cover by Austin Apologue